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Bariatric surgery is your starting line, not your finish. With Coach Trainer Ali, experience personalized fitness and nutrition programs that focus on steady, manageable progression. We guide you from post-surgery to long-term health, every step of the way.


Stepping into a healthier life post-bariatric surgery requires more than just dietary changes; it calls for targeted exercise. Coach Trainer Ali’s workouts are meticulously designed to suit your post-surgical needs, elevating your fitness level while prioritizing your safety. Get ready to move, sweat, and achieve your goals, under expert guidance.


Your bariatric journey doesn't end in the operating room—it transitions into mindful eating. Coach Trainer Ali crafts personalized nutrition plans that align with your post-surgical needs, ensuring you nourish your body without compromising on taste or satisfaction. Make each meal a stepping stone to lasting wellness.

Self Defence

After your bariatric surgery, boost your confidence with our specialized self-defense training. Learn adapted techniques that focus on both physical capabilities and mental readiness for real-world situations.

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Training Programs

Cardio Strength

Building endurance is crucial after bariatric surgery. Coach Trainer Ali offers cardio routines that are not only heart-healthy but also attuned to the unique needs of your post-surgical body. Increase your stamina and fast-track your path to long-term wellness, all under expert supervision.

Weight Lifting

Strength doesn't just build itself—it's sculpted, rep by rep. Coach Trainer Ali specializes in safe and effective weight lifting programs tailored for post-bariatric patients. Elevate your metabolism, tone your body, and enhance bone density, all while maintaining the utmost safety protocols.

Body Balance

Stability is key in your post-bariatric journey. Coach Trainer Ali helps you achieve body balance through tailored exercises that enhance your core strength and coordination. Find your center and build a foundation for lasting wellness.

Muscle Stretching

Flexibility is an essential, yet often overlooked, aspect of post-bariatric fitness. With Coach Trainer Ali, learn targeted muscle stretching techniques that improve range of motion, reduce muscle tension, and enhance overall well-being. It's not just about contraction; it's about balanced extension, too.

Basic Yoga

Find balance and tranquility on your post-bariatric journey with Basic Yoga. Coach Trainer Ali introduces you to simple yet transformative poses that align mind, body, and breath. Strengthen your core, improve flexibility, and cultivate mindfulness for holistic wellness.

Beginner Pilates

Unlock a new level of body awareness post-bariatric surgery with Beginners Pilates. Coach Trainer Ali guides you through fundamental exercises aimed at enhancing your core stability, posture, and overall muscle tone. Transform your body from the core outwards, one controlled movement at a time.

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About Coach Ali


Coach trainer Ali Sheikh is the premier personal trainer and nutrition coach for people struggling with high levels of stubborn body fat. He understands the process better than anyone because of his own weight loss journey.

At one time, he weighed over 550 pounds but managed to shed 200 of those pounds on his own. Eventually, he decided to get gastric sleeve surgery, which brought his weight even further down to 190 pounds. Unfortunately, the numbers on the scale crept back up. It turned out surgery wasn’t the only piece of the puzzle and he knew he had to do something about it.

Now certified in fitness and nutrition, Ali has regained control of both his health and life by making a number of changes. He is at his fittest. At 6”2 he currently weighs 240 pounds as he strives for continuous progress towards leaner goals!

Coach Trainer Ali's Journey To Becoming A Health And Fitness Expert

Coach Trainer Ali is a health and fitness expert who knows the power of dedication, hard work, and having an open mindset. It wasn’t always easy for him, but with his passion for health and fitness, Ali managed to turn his life around and now helps others do the same.

Coach Trainer Ali’s Accomplishments

It took hard work – both mentally and physically – for Coach Trainer Ali to become the expert that he is today. He obtained a diploma in Health & Fitness from college as well as certification for personal training from the National Academy Sports Medicine Institute (NASM). In addition, he has achieved higher levels of education and certifications with top institutes in the industry. With these qualifications under his belt, it’s no wonder why people come from all overlooking specifically for advice from Coach Trainer Ali!

Coach Trainer Ali’s Credentials

Coach Trainer Ali is a highly knowledgeable and experienced professional in the health and fitness industry. He has obtained a diploma in Health & Fitness in Ontario, Canada from Bryan College, and certification for personal training from the National Academy Sports Medicine. Since then, he has specialized in gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery to aid his clients on their weight loss journey. Working with leading clinicians and physicians, Coach Trainer Ali is dedicated to designing one-of-a-kind fitness plans that focus on encouraging lifestyle changes to ensure effective long-term results. He also emphasizes the importance of developing a mentally healthy mindset as an essential part of any successful wellness program. His enthusiasm and unparalleled commitment to his clients make Coach Trainer Ali an exceptional trainer in the health and fitness fields, who can provide holistic support to any individual looking to reach their weight loss goals.

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How Coach Trainer Ali’s Personal Experience Can Help Others Achieve Their Goals

Ali is passionate about helping people reach their health goals by providing nutritional guidance combined with tailored body movement plans based on everyone’s needs. His experience provides clients with motivation that can help them stay on track when times get tough because they know that if Ali can do it, so can they! With commitment and dedication, anything is possible – just ask Coach Trainer Ali!

Ali Shows Nothing Is Impossible Once You Make Your Mind Up

Coach Trainer Ali has achieved what many would consider the impossible. At age 34, he was overweight and facing premature health issues but through sheer determination and a commitment to a healthier lifestyle, Coach Trainer Ali managed to shed 310 pounds and become the fittest he’s ever been. Coach Trainer Ali credits his success to solid nutrition habits coupled with rigorous workouts that pushed him beyond his perceived limits. Ali has walked the talk and provides real-world examples about how to lessen body fat for good and replace lean muscle mass. Today, Coach Trainer Ali continues to experiment with new exercise techniques and sustains his healthy diet to stay fit and healthy – an inspiring example of how dedication can achieve remarkable results.

Ali’s Goal Is To Ensure All His Clients Are Successful.

Coach Trainer Ali knows that health and nutrition go together in achieving personal goals, and he is here to help people reach their full potential. He has developed a specialized plan that blends nutritional guidance with tailored body movement so everyone can start moving towards better health. He works with people mostly online throughout North America to develop a personalized program of fitness and dietary habits. Coach Trainer Ali’s commitment to his clients yields real results, allowing them to achieve their beautiful visions of success. He wants everyone to make this journey as painless as possible and be happy, healthy, and confident along the way.

No matter what stage in your bariatric transformation you’re stuck at, let Ali be there to guide you, so you can finally achieve all your desired weight goals.

Ali Understands The Struggles

Ali has personal experience when it comes to working with obese clients. After all, he himself struggled with high if not extreme body fat before he started his journey in personal training. His personal experiences give him a unique insight and understanding of how to deal with the various obstacles his clients face.
He also has specialized training when helping clients who are planning on, or already underwent bariatric surgery. His skills and educational background make him the perfect personal trainer for those struggling in their endeavors to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

About Coach Ali


"I can't thank Coach Ali enough for the incredible transformation he's helped me achieve. From the moment I started working with him, I felt motivated and supported every step of the way. His knowledge of fitness and nutrition is unparalleled, and his personalized approach made all the difference. Under his guidance, I not only reached my fitness goals but surpassed them. Coach Ali is not just a trainer; he's a mentor who genuinely cares about your success. I'm grateful to have him by my side on this fitness journey."

Bernice Grant
Senior Trainer

"Working with Coach Ali has been a game-changer for me. His dedication, expertise, and unwavering support have been instrumental in helping me achieve my fitness goals. What sets him apart is his genuine passion for his clients' success. He doesn't just focus on physical training but also provides invaluable insights into nutrition and overall well-being. With Coach Ali's guidance, I've not only transformed my body but also gained a new level of confidence and determination. He's not just a trainer; he's a life-changer."

Bernice Grant
Ali’s Goal Is To Ensure All His Clients Are Successful.
Ali understands what it feels like to be obese and struggling with weight issues your whole life. He was bullied from a young age. He also struggled to find clothing that was size and age appropriate from elementary school to high-school, which led to further issues of being ostracized. But now he is stronger and more confident than ever and ready to share his success with you, so you could find happiness.
  • Coach Trainer Ali has extensive knowledge and experience in the health and fitness industry, having obtained a diploma in Health & Fitness from college as well as certification for personal training from the National American Sports Medicine
  • His focus is working with obese clients, those with high body fat, pre-op and post-op bariatric surgery patients
  • He himself was once over 550 pounds but now at age 45 he weighs 240 pounds and is in the best shape of his life.
  • Coach Trainer Ali is committed to helping others achieve their personal goals through nutritional guidance combined with a tailored body movement plan that will get them started on their journey towards better health.
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Custom video workouts (helps you follow along!)

Get fit your way with custom video workouts that provide an innovative approach to fitness. Follow along easily and never miss a beat!

24 hour 1:1 private messaging

Need an answer now? Get instant 24/7 personalized help with our private messaging service! Our friendly support team is here to provide you with round-the-clock assistance, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

Four monthly Custom workouts

Make the most of your fitness journey! With four monthly custom workouts, you can work together with a certified personal trainer to design a schedule that fits in with your lifestyle. Get ready for amazing results and feeling like the best version of yourself!

Workout and progress tracking

Attempting to take control of your fitness goals? We made it easy to track and review workout progress and get the most out of each training session. Reach new levels in conditioning with a simple, easy-to-use tracking system – advance towards that gym goal today!

One on one video call sessions

Get ready to take your fitness journey up a notch with personalized one on one video call sessions. Coach Ali will provide tailored guidance and support, so you can reach new heights in your health and wellness!

Weekly accountability calls

Reaching your health and wellness goals is easier than ever with our weekly accountability calls. Learn how to optimize diet plans and fitness routines so you can reach peak performance each week!

Monthly goal setting calls.

Increase your fitness transformation with our one-on-one monthly goal setting calls! Coach Trainer Ali will help you customize the plan that’s best for YOUR body, whether it be fat loss or a consistency regimen. Reach new heights with maximum motivation and accountability from us – get started today!

On-demand video library

Get ready to stay on top of your fitness goals – anytime, anywhere! With our extensive library of exercise and workouts videos, you’ll have access to 24/7 support in staying fit and healthy.

Custom session packs

Take your fitness to the next level with our customizable personal training packages. With session packs tailored specifically for you, there’s no need to keep guessing how much and often you should be working out – just leave it up to us!

Meal plans designed for each clients

Whether you’re looking for a fat-burning diet or striving to build muscle, our meal plans will help get you there. Our tailored approach is the perfect way to reach your goals and transform into the best version of yourself!

Nutrition guidance through meal

Unlock the power of well-balanced nutrition! Use our App to take a snapshot and send photos of your meals directly to your Coach, who will provide guidance on how your plate stacks up against optimal eating plans. Get ready for thorough dieting advice tailored just for you!

Monthly nutrition coaching calls

Unlock the power of nutrition! Enjoy customized support each month with Coach Trainer Ali’s coaching calls, plus access to a wealth of helpful resources anytime via our convenient app. Keep your health goals on track and give yourself peace of mind knowing that you always have nutritional guidance when it matters most.

Custom nutrition habit tracking

Unlock the potential to optimize your health and reach life-changing goals! Our custom nutrition habit tracking helps you create healthy habits that stick, so you can stay energized and focused on achieving success.