Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity has become an epidemic. What are the solutions for these kids Childhood obesity is a growing and worrying concern in this day and age, with the number of overweight children increasing fast. This isn’t surprising given the current lifestyle that many kids find themselves engaged in: long hours [...]

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Cardio vs. Weights: Get the most out of your workouts – figure out which exercises are best for you to reach those fitness goals!

Are you torn between pumping iron or jogging for your fitness routine? Understand the nuances of strength training and cardio so you can maximize the benefits from each. Cardio and strength training are two vastly different exercise regimens – but have you ever wondered what exactly happens in your body [...]

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It’s a timeless question: to what extent can we shape our weight—through diet or is it all in the genes? Let’s explore and uncover which factor effectively affects us more.

Written by Coach Trainer Ali February 3, 2023Have you ever felt like no matter what effort you put into losing weight, the results never seem to last? Chances are there may be something deeper at play. Genetics could play a role in how successful your individualized approach is towards achieving [...]

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