Meet Coach Trainer Ali: Your Guide to a Revolutionary Fitness Transformation

Welcome to the threshold of a life-altering fitness journey with me, Coach Trainer Ali. Once burdened by severe obesity, I have reshaped my destiny, plummeting from over 550 pounds was my highest weight to my lowest weight of 190 lbs. and now a fit 232 pounds at 6'2. My transformation transcended beyond mere weight loss; it was a profound metamorphosis of my entire being. Armed with a Health & Fitness diploma and National Academy Sports Medicine certification, my mission now is to illuminate your path to post-bariatric excellence.

Embarking on this journey wasn't a stroll in the park. Confronted with pressing health issues at 36, I embraced gastric sleeve surgery as a new beginning as suggested by my doctor. However, true change demanded more than surgery; it required an unwavering commitment to rigorous exercise regimes, a complete nutritional overhaul, and a lifestyle rebirth. These experiences, steeped in real-life challenges and triumphs, are what I bring to you – a blend of empathy, firsthand understanding, and professional acumen.

My expertise lies in tailoring fitness and nutrition blueprints for individuals navigating the complex waters of pre and post-gastric sleeve or bypass surgery. Your journey is uniquely yours, and so will be the plan we craft together. Acknowledging the intricate tapestry of mental and physical challenges that accompany post-surgery life, I dedicate myself to curating a journey that's not just physically rewarding but also mentally rejuvenating.

Let's embark on this transformative odyssey together. I invite you to engage in a one-on-one dialogue with me. Together, we'll explore your aspirations, confront your challenges, and meticulously carve a pathway to your success. With Coach Trainer Ali, your fitness journey transcends physical boundaries; it's an embrace of a new, invigorated, and joyous chapter of your life.


In the exhilarating journey towards your fitness goals, progression is the key that unlocks your true potential.


we understand that every workout is a journey of self-improvement. It's an opportunity to challenge your limits, break barriers, and unveil your potential.


Our approach to nutrition goes beyond diets and calorie counts. It's about nurturing your body with the right nutrients, in the right balance, to fuel your ambitions and dreams.

Self Defence

It's about having the presence of mind and the ability to act decisively when needed most. Our training instills both physical prowess and mental agility.

"I can't thank Coach Ali enough for the incredible transformation he's helped me achieve. From the moment I started working with him, I felt motivated and supported every step of the way. His knowledge of fitness and nutrition is unparalleled, and his personalized approach made all the difference. Under his guidance, I not only reached my fitness goals but surpassed them. Coach Ali is not just a trainer; he's a mentor who genuinely cares about your success. I'm grateful to have him by my side on this fitness journey."

Bernice Grant
Senior Trainer

"Working with Coach Ali has been a game-changer for me. His dedication, expertise, and unwavering support have been instrumental in helping me achieve my fitness goals. What sets him apart is his genuine passion for his clients' success. He doesn't just focus on physical training but also provides invaluable insights into nutrition and overall well-being. With Coach Ali's guidance, I've not only transformed my body but also gained a new level of confidence and determination. He's not just a trainer; he's a life-changer."

Bernice Grant